Food of USA!

Top 5 Foods Must Try In USA

Top 5 Foods Must Try In USA

Food of USA!

Hello everyone, First of all thanks for landing on the article. My self Manik Jamwal. I am a food blogger. Today I wanna show you The Top 5 Foods Must Try In USA which you were love the most when you taste it. You all know whenever we think about the USA classics our mind goes to the comforting level we grew up with:-  Fried chicken, chocolate cookies and Hot dogs etc. Also with the splash of USA grubs all over, it has been transformed from delicious to glorious of INDIA. And I am going to show you my best list of Top 5 Foods in USA of all time. And my advice to you if you are reading this article then take BURGER in you hands because that is the number 1 dish of USA of all time.

5. Chocolate chips cookies


The chocolate chips cookies are the most favourite dish of USA mostly liked by The children and adults. “A balanced diet is a cookie in each and every hand”. So, take a moment and thanks to the chef of this great dish Mr. Ruth wakefield who come up with this beautiful idea of adding chocolate chip to the butter cookie sometimes in 1930’s. If you are mad about these cookies then my advice is whenever you travel to USA or you lives in USA then must try. I swear to god you were going to addict of that cookies.

4. Chicken and Waffles


once upon a time, there is an unknown person who decide to combine all the greatest part of a fried chicken dinner with all the greatest part of a waffle snack to invent this ultimate sweet-savory breakfast staple. That brainchild continues to delight stomachs all over the world. So when you were in USA then don’t miss this dish.

3. Pancakes

With Honey!

Whenever we talks about the typical breakfast of USA the mind says only one name i.e; PANCAKES. These cakes are basically the flat cakes, which is thin and it is round in shape. This dish is made up of starch based butter and cookes in a hot surface. It can be topped with the variety of thinks like maple, honey, fruits and also with chocolate sauce. It is really very true that Pancakes makes people HAPPY.

2. Hot dogs

Best of the Best!

From all over the world the USA is the only country who gives the best hot dogs in the world. The hot dogs is made up of the sliced bun, sausage topped with the ketchup and the mustard. Take a moment and thanks to the John Geoghehnar, from Germany who invented these sausage  in the late 1600.

1. Burger

King of any fast food!

Burger is the king of all the fast food meals in USA. In every USA restaurant menu the Burger is the number 1 dish. This is the proof that god loves us and want us to be Happy. You can customize your burger as you like it tooping will be removed and adding as you asked them. Basically it is made up of onion, tomato, cream mixed with vegetable and bun. It is also in non-vegetarian variety. You can also try that.

Here I have shown you the Top 5 Foods Must Try In USA. I hope this article helps you.



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