Top 5 Best Foods That You Should Try In Dubai

Top 5 Best Foods That You Should Try In Dubai

Hello everyone, First of all thanks for landing on the article. My self Manik Jamwal. I am a food blogger. Today, I am here with a new topic that i want to share with you i.e; Top 5 Best Foods That You Should Try In Dubai. Planning a trip to Dubai is an amazing thing. With a combination of Iranian and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will only leave you craving for more.Whether a foodie or not, you just can’t ignore the luscious flavors that Dubai food has in store for you. But whenever you were planning the trip eat these Top 5 Best Foods That You Should Try In Dubai. So, let’s start:-


Manousheh- basically it a Pizza choose for the piquant taste buds, very popular dish in Dubai. In dubai this pizza is taken as a perfect breakfast. It is prepare with the flatbread, filled with the amazing toppings such as earthy zaatar herbs, olive oil and salty akkawi cheese. You can also try with the variant type of toppings like eggs, creamy sour labneh and sweet jam and minced lamb.


This dish is very much famous in Dubai restaurants menu, due to its zesty flavors. It is prepare with Rice, onions and meat, seasoned with spices, salt and dried lemon. Guys close you mouth, I know water comes to you mouth. You can also try with yogurt raita; to enjoy it the authentic way and salad. Serve it on a large platter and allow everyone to eat from the same with their right hands.


This dish is also a part of famous list of foods in dubai. This is a sticky Cake prepare with gooey sweet cheese. With an essence of chopped pistachios sprinkled and also with rose scented syrup  it’s a traditional favorite when we talk about Dubai foods. This is very famous because it ia popularly known as queen of Arabic sweet dishes.


This dish is also a part of the list of famous foods in Dubai. Generally It is served with Coffee or tea. These are the small sweet cake which is made up of flour, sugar, yeast, cardamom,eggs, saffron, and rose water. So whenever you are in Dubai my advice is that you should try it atleast one time.


First of all I’ll tell you one think this dish is for bread lovers. Iranian sangak is a delight that easily paves its way into the famous list of the best Dubai cuisines. It is made up of flatbread of whole wheet and it is served in a rectangular or plain in shape.

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So Whenever you have plan to visit dubai then must try these foods here i have show you the Top 5 Best Foods That You Should Try In Dubai.



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