Top 10 Trendy New Foods In 2018 That You Should Try Atleast One Time

Trendy new foods in 2018. Every year it seems like the health food industry is continuing to push the envelope by coming up with new, creative ways to approach ordinary food and drinks. If you are tired of the same old eats and ready to try something new, read on to learn about the latest and greatest food trends you’ll be hearing about in 2018. Here, I will show you the Trendy new foods in 2018 that you should taste atleast one time.

* Trendy new foods in 2018

1. Adzuki Beans


This item is very much popular in Asia, this is considered in one of the trending food items. Adzuki beans are starting to pop up more and more in supermarkets around the country. They are a protein powerhouse, offering up to 17 grams of protein in just one cup. These red beans are high in phytonutrients and other essential nutrients like B vitamins, fiber, iron, and potassium. Adzuki beans have a nutty and sweet taste and work well in desserts, salads, and soups.

2. Harissa


This is also one of the trending food items. Hailing from Tunisia and the North African region, harissa is a hot sauce containing a blend of caraway seeds, coriander, cumin, garlic, red peppers, and smoked chilies. The spice mix not only packs a fiery kick, it’s also loaded with anti-inflammatory antioxidants that can help power up your metabolism. Harissa is delicious on eggs and adds a flavor boost to marinades, sauces, and soups.

3. Mushroom Coffee


This is really a unique drink item. Along with serving as a base for a healthier pizza, mushrooms are sneaking into your coffee cup too. Boasting an array of health benefits, such as immunity, energy, and longevity, mushrooms may just be this year’s superfood. Mushroom coffee, in particular, is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Made by boiling and liquefying dried mushrooms, you can enjoy all the nutrients and minerals in this powerhouse vegetable and start your day off on the right foot.

4. Fishless Tuna


Amazing, Tuna but fishless? Often made with ingredients like soybeans, fava beans, chickpeas, white beans, lentils, green split peas, sea salt, and algal oil (extracted from seaweed powder), fishless tuna is this year’s version of a meatless burger. With all the protein found in these legumes, fishless tuna holds up to the real deal nutritionally. Whether you’re a vegan or trying to consume fewer animal proteins, this is a great place to start.

5. Oat Milk


Oat Milk new trendy food item. Oat milk is starting to grow in popularity because it’s a non-dairy, flavorful substitute for cow’s milk and nut milk. It’s easy to make at home with oats or groats but is also available on supermarket shelves. The nut-free milk offers nutrients like fiber and beta-glucan and can be found enriched with calcium and vitamins. Give it a try in coffee and wherever you would use nut milk.

6. Avocado Ice Pops


The healthy take on mint chocolate chip ice cream, mint avocado ice pops offer a creamy texture without the extra calories. These frozen green treats are a sweet and satisfying snack to enjoy in the summer heat or any time you’re craving a cold dessert.

7. Avocado Oil


This item also consider in trending food items. Move over coconut oil! Avocado oil is a heart-healthy fat that’s full of monounsaturated fatty acids, which can help fight belly fat. It’s also high in vitamins A, E, and D and rich in antioxidants that help keep inflammation down in the body. If you haven’t used avocado oil before, you can try this mild and versatile oil in salad dressings, drizzled over salmon, or in stir-fry recipes. It has a neutral flavor and high smoke point, making it a smart choice for high-temperature cooking methods, such as baking and sautéing. Plus, this trendy oil is now available as an easy-to-use spray.

8. Water Buffalo Yogurt


This item is very much high in protein, this new yogurt is made from buffalo milk instead of cow’s milk. When compared to Greek yogurt, water buffalo yogurt is less sour and tangy and offers more calcium than traditional whole milk yogurt. It’s a good substitute for mayonnaise and sour cream and works well in smoothies too.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar and Charcoal Shot


Take your apple cider vinegar to the next level with an extra shot of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal helps promote a healthy gut and adds a unique twist to an old favorite. Make sure to take your shot of apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal with a glass of water.

10. Plantain Pasta


Everyone’s favorite carb comes in a new variety and it’s not the lentil version. The guilt-free pasta making waves is plantain pasta, made with one of the most popular ingredients in Latin America and West Africa. Plantains are similar to bananas but sweeter and one serving of plantain pasta provides beta-carotene, fiber, and vitamin C.

Here, I have shown you the Trendy new foods in 2018. 

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