Top 10 Foods to Try in India

Top 10 Foods to Try in India

Top 10 Foods to Try in India:- First of all thanks for landing on the article. My self Manik Jamwal. I am a food blogger. Today I wanna Show Top 10 Foods to Try in India. So India is the 7th biggest country of the world. In India there are almost 21 languages are spoken. There are also many types of food. So lets start Top 10 Foods to Try in India.

Indian food is very feast for the taste buds. There are many types of food in India that you can’t ina day. In India there is mainly two types of food NORTH INDIAN FOOD and SOUTH INDIAN FOOD. It can be divide into many sub-groups or regions such as Punjabi, sandhi, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Bengali, Hyderabadi. I will not be Shocked if you add few more regional cuisines to the list..!!

India is the only country that is full of festivals and every festival have there own special menu; these are vary region to region. Now, are you getting the idea that how many other varieties that you found in one cuisines in India.

In India there are most of the dishes are full of spices hence the colour and the flavour. There are some most common spices and ingredients used in India cuisine including Garam masala, Curry leaves, Mustard, Ginger, Onion, Tomatoes, Garlic along with the main ingredientes that is lentils and vegetables that go into it.

Do you know that why I am telling these things about the variety of INDIAN FOOD? Because I know that it is very difficult to come up with the Top 10 Foods to Try in India. Here I am showing you the Top 10 Foods to Try in India. So lets start:-

Top 10 Foods to Try in India:-


Thali is not a dish in itself but it is a combo of many meals such as Sweet dish, Dal (lentils), Two or more curries, Steamed rice, Puri/chapati/naan (One of the Indian Bread meal), Pickle, Papad, Butter milk, one riata, one or more Chattani, and more or less depending upon whether you opt for the north Indian thali or south Indian thali and also the place you eat.

According to me the Thali is the best way to relish Indian meals as you get the variety of dishes in one go to taste all of them. And the biggest advantage is you pay less and taste many dishes in that THALI.

9.Stuffed Parathas

The STUFFED PARATHAS is the king of all Indian bread meals. It is made up of Wheat flour or White flour and stuffed with the variety of stuffing. That stuffing can be Potato, Cabbage, Paneer (cottage cheese), and any other that you can think.

8. Dam Aloo

This dish is prepared with the so called Baby Aloo (POTATOES). Which are boiled and fry. The gravy prepared with the tomatoes, onions, garlic and many more spices. It mainly goes with naan bread and rice. If you love gravy or curries that you definitely love this dish DAM ALOO.

7. Samosa

The SAMOSA is one of the favourite snacks of every Indian. The samosa is the deep fried snack which is prepared by rolling the dough of white flour and filled with the mixture of Potatoes, onion, chilli, garam masala etc. I swear to God you LOVED this dish.

6. Palak Paneer

The vegetable PALAK means SPINACH and PANEER means COTTAGE CHEESEThis dish is prepared by blending the slightly and boiling it along with the Ginger, Garlic, onion and Green chilli.

5. Birayani

There are many types of BIRAYANI that you found in India such as vegetarian birayani and Non-vegetarian birayani. This dish is a rice prepration dish which is served with onions, chattani etc.

4. Chole Batura

This dish CHOLE BATURA can be your breakfast, lunch, and sometime it can be your dinner. Yes, you read it correct. Because this is the beauty of this dish. Though it is a very heavy meal but Indian people do not hesitate to relish the taste of Chole Batura at ant time in a day. Chole is prepared with the chick peas. and Batura is prepared with white flour it is round in shape.

3. Masala Dosa

The dish MASALA DOSA It is the type of thin pan cake which is prepared with the batter which is fermented over night. This batter is made up of white lentil (udad Dal) and rice. The masala dosa is served with the coconut chattani and sambar.

2. Sweet dishes

These SWEET DISHES are very tasty and famous in India. There are some famous sweet dishes which i wanna tell you such as Rasgola, Gulab Jamoon, Jalebi, Gagar ka Halwa. In any Indian sweet shop you can ealisy find these sweet dishes.

1. Chaats

The CHAAT is the king of all the dishes! They are commonly and mostly had as starters or evening snacks. This dish is also having many variety of other dishes such as Pani puri, pav baaji, sev puri and few other names. This dish is famously konwn as street food.

So, if you have travelled i india or you live in india i must say these Top 10 Foods to Try in India. Don’t be feel shy just leave a comment and tell us your favorite dish.


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