Top 10 Foods From All Over The Country INDIA

Foods from all over the country INDIA!! See that warm smile that has crept to your face and the drool that has started doing the rounds of your mouth? We’ve spotted a fellow foodie. If you were a little disillusioned about what regional foods are good and which you could travel all the way across the country for, here is our comprehensive list for you. Keep your bucket list ready and add any, here I have showen you the list of Top 10 Foods From All Over The Country INDIA……

* Foods From All Over The Country INDIA

1. Rajasthani thali from “Rajasthan”

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This dish is the speciality of Rajasthan. The state of colours, and the state of food-love! Bite into the most succulent of dishes like daal-baati choorma, various styles of cooking the yummy gattelaal maas or kadhi or the honest-to-God, awesome sweet offerings like BalushahiGhevar and Gujia. Food is an important part of RAJASTHAN and that gives us even more reason to love it so!

2. Kashmiri tea from “Kashmir”


This dish is the specialty of Kashmir. This stands true for every single facet of the paradisaical land which we mortals call KASHMIR. Non-veg lovers, this is your Elysium. Try the Goshtaba (meatballs in a creamy gravy), Yakhni (lamb in a yoghurt-based gravy) or the famous Rogan Josh to get those juices flowing. Vegetarians, don’t be disappointed. Kashmir won’t turn you away unhappy. Try the Dum Olav (a potato specialty similar to the dum aloo) and Kashmiri tea for some soulful food love!

3. Golgappas from “Delhi”


This is the most favourite dish of Delhi. This one is an absolute stunner. Be it Nahari or Haleem during Ramadan, be it the rich, succulent kababs and parathas in OLD DELHI be it the awesome Chole Bhature, or simply the golgappas, DEHLI has something for every food lover. Having been home to people from all walks of life, Delhi stands in a class of it’s own – local food-wise! We assure you, you’ll run out of money AND space in your stomach if you get to exploring Delhi food in its entirety!

4. Bhel puri from “Mumbai”


This dish is the speciality of Mumbai. Every foodista’s paradise, Aamchi Mumbai! Dig into the best Bombil Fry, sandwiches, falooda,Frankies, the yummy Modaks and a delectable spread of sea food. Who can ignore the bhel puri and sev puri, which have come to be a facet of MUMBAI itself! GujaratiMaharastrian and Parsee influence couple up to rock every foodie’s world here. Enjoy the food as it comes and have a lot of fun.

5. Malaiyo from “Banaras”


This dish is the speciality of Banaras. Be it the sumptuous spread of various kinds of chaat, the ghee-dripping baati or the foamy, creamy goodness of the malaiyo, BANARAS has something to delight every foodista! The Malaiyo, a winter speciality of Banaras, is prepared by leaving flavoured milk out for being tempered by the morning dew. Chowk, Godowlia, is your destination for this rich, Subah-e-Banaras experience. For the non-veg enthusiats out there, do not miss the Chicken Tikka and Achari Murgh at Hotel Lallan, Madanpura. The steamy, buttery delight of the coal-roasted meat is an affair to remember.

6. Thukpa from “Arunachal”


This dish is the speciality of Arunachal. This is another one of those places in India which you should visit if you have a tongue for a different kind of cuisine. Different areas of the state have different preferences when it comes to food, but overall, apang, a rice beer prepared from fermented rice is a favorite beverage here. Rice, meat and fish form the centre of the food system here and none of the dishes will ever disappoint.

7. Momos from “Sikkim”


This is the speciality of Sikkim. Momo lovers, unite and travel to SIKKIM for the most amazing, breathtaking, supple momos, straight from from Heaven. Although found in almost every corner of the country now, the North-East still holds the bragging rights to this one. The vegetable or minced meat-filled dumplings are served with a clear soup and a tangy hot sauce which will take your winter pangs away! Thukpa and Phagshapa are other darling dishes to be gorged upon when one is at Sikkim.

8. Roasted coffee from “Kerala”


This is the speciality of kerala. For lovers of an all-rounder cuisine style, Malabar is your dugout. From appam to Beef Kurumulakittathu to awesome duck preparations to different rice delicacies, Malabar has something for every food lover. Eat, eat and eat! Also, have a date with the special Kerala coffee when you’re there. That’s an affair you’ll truly remember.

9. Seafood platter from “Goa”


This is the speciality of Goa. Goa is one of those places that you visit for the whole package. Goan cuisine is awesome for many, many reasons. This one is essentially, a seafood-based cuisine that’ll leave you smelling your fingers for days after for the rich intensity of the flavors used. Coconut milk, tamarind and chilli get together to give you an experience you’ll remember until you are old and reminisce about the times you’ve been thankful for dear life. Seafood lovers may find a delectable spread of prawns, mussels, crabs, lobsters, mackerel, tuna and salmon to pamper those taste buds. Vindaloo and prawn curryare our recommendations when you want to embark upon a Goan food journey.

10. Litti chokha from “Patna”


This is the speciality of Patna. Though the defining Litti Chokha has finally made its way to the most metros’ street food scene, this one is classic enough to travel for. And guess what, they also throw in all time favorites like SamosasKachoriAalu KachaaluBhoojaGhughni ChooraDahi ChooraJhaal Moodhi etc, spicy enough to let you to skip to popular desserts like Peda and Kalakand.

Here i have shown you the list of Foods from all over the country INDIA.

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