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About Us:-

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NOTE:- This website is for general information only for the food recipes there ingredients and instructions that how you make all the recipes and also having the technical knowledge.

About Manik Jamwal:-

Manik Jamwal is the student and the founder of “globlefoodie”.

He has very much interest in all kind of food. Also very much intrested in cooking. He lives in Jammu, Toph sherkhania. He loves to be self dependent person. As an author, I am trying my best to improve the platform of “globlefoodie” day by day.

He is very active over social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram which helps him to stay updated  with the latest happening on the internet world. His passion, dedication and quick decision making ablity makes him stand apart from the others. We know that , It is very difficult to make a new recipe in home so it is very difficult to make new recipe daily basis. For that you can read the article on “globlefoodie”. You can get all the information about food recipes.

You can also get all the information about him below:

Manik Jamwal

Jammu and Kashmir, INDIA

Phone no. :-9103064613

About globlefoodie

Here we provide all the information about all kind of food recipes like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and many others. And if you are very much foodie and also interested in cooking then we must recommend to you read all the articles on “globlefoodie” and here we also provide the technical knowledge of gadgets.