10 Amazing Dishes You Must Taste In China

Planning a trip to china is an amazing thing. But what about the amazing dishes of china how were going to plan that, don’t worry I will help you here I will show you the 10 Amazing Dishes You Must Taste In China atleast one time. Most of the people has a favorite Chinese restaurant. Sometime that shrimp with lobster sauce and broccoli with beef awesome at nights in china. But whenever you visit to china you were never got that dishes there. As well as the menu of that come to love from your local Chinese restaurant is really just an Americanized version of Chinese food. But here i can help you to know 10 Amazing Dishes You Must Taste In China.

However when it comes to just about everything else, you’re not going to find it. So here is what you should look for. Then when you come back home, you can ask your local Chinese restaurant to make the authentic Chinese dishes you fell in love with while in China.

* 10 Amazing Dishes You Must Taste In China

1. Ma Po Tofu

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This dish is almost 100 years old. A spicy dish of tofu with browned ground beef in a savory sauce topped with green onions, it is blissful on top of a hot mound of rice. You may have seen this on Chinese restaurant menus in the states. Most people skim past it, but it is without a doubt one of the best dishes in all of China for its harmonious ability to unite texture with the perfect dose of spice.

2. Dumplings

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so those ubiquitous pork dumplings you can get steamed or pan-fried at any Chinese restaurant in America? Hate to break it to you, but those are amateur dumplings. However, if you like those, you’re going to be delighted by the ones you find in China. There are whole restaurants devoted to dumpling-making. Dumplings come in more varieties than just pork, though pork is one of the most common fillings. There are shrimp dumplings, beef dumplings, vegetable dumplings, fish dumplings, and many more. One of the best dumplings ever is with cucumber and scrambled eggs.

3. Whole Steamed Fish

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Hopefully, let’s end with this Chinese dish that can also come in many forms. At a big dinner like one for a holiday or birthday celebration, you’ll find a whole, big fish will come out to the table toward the end of the meal. It’s almost like a finale of sorts. You’ll find this made a variety of ways. In the Sichuan Province, it’s incredibly spicy, but in other places, it tends to have more of a ginger and fish sauce flavor to it. Save room though. Those dumplings will come out after the big fish.

4. Beef Noodles

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This is a simple and ubiquitous Chinese dish that you’ll find everywhere. Everyone has their own unique recipe for it though so it is fun to taste it in different parts of the country to see how the flavors change. It’s generally cheap too, so it will fill you up without bleeding your wallet dry.

5. Chinese Hamburger

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If you’re in China for a while, chances are you’ll miss having a burger and head to McDonald’s or even Burger King. You may even shell out more money to go to a nicer Western restaurant where you can get a big beefy burger like back home. But whatever you do, you need to have a Chinese hamburger. If you want that back home taste, it won’t make you happy, however if you are ready to try a different take on a hamburger, you’ve got to try it. It will become one of your favorite Chinese snacks. This version of a “burger” consists of a stone-oven cooked bun filled with seasoned pork inside. This pork is often simmered overnight in a giant pot of Chinese spices so that by morning, it’s ready to delight taste buds everywhere. While not like an American burger, it’s a tasty Chinese food you’ve got to make room for.

6. Saliva Chicken

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Before you gag, please know that there is no actual saliva used in the making of this popular Sichuan dish. Chinese words and names often translate into unsavory or bizarre descriptions. So what is this drool-worthy dish made of? It’s boiled chicken that is marinated in a sauce of chili and sesame oil. There are 10 spices in this dish which renders this marinated chicken incredibly spicy.

7. Egg Tart

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Basically this dish is comes from Hong Kong. These mini custard pies are absolutely phenomenal, and you’ll wonder why your local Chinese place doesn’t offer these for dessert. It’s fun to try the different flavors too. Try it the original way first. Then try it with fruit in the middle. Berries and others delights can be found inside and they are so sweet and wonderful, you should sit down somewhere with a bubble tea and enjoy them all.

8. Scallion pancakes

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Very much popular in the street carts, these savory pancakes made with scallions are a popular snack for Chinese people. They’re wonderful on a chilly day so grab some from the busiest vendor and you’ll see they’re worth the wait. Soft textured and slightly sweet along with the sharpness of the scallions, they satisfy on every level.

9. Mooncakes

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Around the autumn holidays and of course for the Chinese New Year, mooncakes are an essential component to the celebration. These small cakes aren’t meant for one person. They’re far too dense anyway. You slice them into tiny wedges and share them. They have interesting fillings inside which aren’t bad, however don’t bite into them expecting sweet chocolate. They have things like bean paste, sesame seeds, and nuts inside of them.

10. Soup Dumplings

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These Soup dumplings are different than the other dumplings we already discussed. Soup dumplings are next-level dumplings. They are Shanghai’s famous dish and you absolutely must have them. These dumplings are created to hold a broth inside of them. They are served with a deep and wide white soup spoon. The correct way to eat them is to pluck one up with your chopsticks, place it onto the soup spoon and then take a bite. When you bite into it, the soup will gush out into the spoon.

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Here I have shown you the list of 10 amazing foods to taste in china.


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